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Blog Tour: The Dark Side of the Rainbow

Hey guys! Really excited to share a very special blog tour stop with you today. I was recently approved for The Dark Side of the Rainbow by Rita Hogan on NetGalley, and am already halfway done with this book, and absolutely in love! Now, while I finish read, and then writing up my review (which, lets face it, sometimes takes me a while... doubly so when I love a book!), I get to share a snippet of it with all of you!

Two lives, forced together by past events and present choices, find themselves navigating through the murky waters of blame and desire.

Years have passed since Olivia Nelson’s brother’s fatal accident. The day Jacob died, she swore to impose penance upon Landon Gray, the one responsible for his death. Armed with a plan of retribution, Olivia transforms herself into Brooke Johnson, an up-and-coming photographer. She arrives in Argentina’s Patagonia, prepared to make the hospitality magnate pay for the life he destroyed.

Landon Gray has suffered greatly from his guilt, longing only to be forgiven for his harrowing mistake. After the accident, Landon fled Portland, Oregon to his family’s holdings in South America. Upon Brooke Johnson’s arrival at Landon’s resort, he is immediately drawn to the talented photographer.

When Olivia sees Landon again, she is pricked by shadows of doubt. Determined to see her meticulous planning come to fruition, she stays the course, until tragedy strikes once more.

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EXCERPT - The first thing Brooke noticed when she entered the old, beautifully restored building were the quiet sounds of a cello and piano playing in a choppy, peppery beat. It was a vibrant and heated use of the two instruments.
“What kind of music is that?” she asked Landon, as he handed their jackets to the person at coat check. He placed the ticket stub into the pocket of his khaki trousers, then reached for her hand before explaining.
“Tango. You’re in for a treat. In about an hour we’ll move to the atrium for a tango performance. There are a few well-known artists who live in the area who offered to provide the entertainment for the museum’s fund raiser event.”
Landon was right. Brooke was having a wonderful time. The exhibits were all in Spanish. Reading the cards, he would then explain to her in English what the piece represented in Patagonia history. Not only did she enjoy hearing him talk, she savored the brief moments of physical contact when he would place his hand at the small of her back to gently guide her to another area. The sensations caused Brooke to feel cherished and protected. When his hands were free of food and drink, she found him reaching for hers in a subconscious sort of way. His touch sent warmth shooting through her. It was a sensation she wanted to explore.
After viewing all the exhibits, it was time to move to the atrium for the exhibition. The space was very large and, to ensure that everyone could see the artists, the chairs were set up in a circle only two rows deep. Shortly after finding their front row seats reserved for the sponsors, the lights dimmed and a spotlight illuminated the empty circle of floor space the chairs surrounded.
There were a few measures of sultry music that played before a second spotlight lit one of the aisles. A long-legged dancer with a platinum-colored fringed gown began slowly sashaying down the aisle, while a third spotlight lit upon a tall man wearing a metallic gray suit and a fedora. He was swaying down the opposite aisle. Mimicking the woman’s movement in perfect timing, they made their way to the center spotlight, eyes locked on one another.
Brooke could feel her pulse begin to race at the image of the two lovers making their way toward each other. Not wanting to rush the moment, it was as if they were savoring the awareness they had for one another, creating a tension that would explode on contact, making the slow purposeful delay worthwhile.
She must have sighed outwardly when the couple finally met in the middle. At that precise moment, when the sound escaped her lips, Landon reached for her hand, as if he, too, was caught up in the union of the dancers.
Cheek to cheek, the lovers began to move in soft, yet swift, fluid motion. Legs seemingly began to tangle and then untangle with precision and ease. The steady hand of the man guided the woman he held in his arms, his touch firm but sensuous.
At one point the woman clung to her lover in apparent ecstasy. He held her body so close to his they were practically one. With ease, he glided her across the floor, keeping her body close to his as she arched her back in desire. When she came up to wrap her arms around his neck, their lips were ever so close, their bodies moving to the rhythm of the beat in perfect timing. The music began to wind down and suddenly the lovers stilled.
The crowd stood and applauded with fervor; members of the audience whistled their appreciation as the dancers bowed. It was obvious everyone had felt the raw, evocative emotion of the performance.

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  1. Dear Reader Girl, thank you for your kind words about my book The Dark Side of the Rainbow and also for posting an excerpt. It is greatly appreciated.


    Rita Hogan