Sunday, 7 February 2016

Becoming Phoebe by J. Michael neal

Eighteen-year-old Phoebe Rose spent her childhood in one foster household after another, never having a place she could feel safe or a group of friends she could say she belonged to. What kept her going was hockey. The rink was the only place she felt at home.

Now what she wants more than anything is to play on her college hockey team—where she hopes she can leave her past behind and create a new life. But she knows things are never that simple or easy. Becoming Phoebe is about painful secrets, unexpected friendships, and joining a team so you can become your true self.

Becoming Phoebe is a book with an interesting narrative style that will hook you in quickly as you fall in love with the main character before even realizing what's happening. Phoebe's childhood was anything but easy, being bounced between foster homes and never really feeling like she had much in terms of stability or family. But Phoebe knows how to dream big, and her journey is one you'll absolutely want to read about.

It looks like the author, J. Michael Neal already has a couple of books out, though nothing quite in line with this one. I'll absolutely be keeping an eye out for more in the future.

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