Friday, 18 September 2015

Review: Fall Line by Tudor Robins

Fall Line
Everything’s forward.
Those are fifteen-year-old Chris Myers’ words for the year.
The next gate, the next race, his spot on the district ski team; they’re all his for the taking.
Except training is such hard work. And then there’s Jenna – the very opposite of hard work – gorgeous, curvy, and into partying. Into Chris.
Instead of moving forward, Chris is sliding back. Slower times, worse results, and his best friend, Tilly, drifting away.
“The thing you want is right in front of you,” Tilly said. Now Chris just has to figure out what that thing is – and how to get it – before it’s too late.
Fast-paced, fun, and intense, Fall Line is a refreshing read from start gate to finish line.

What initially grabbed my attention when I saw this book on NetGalley was the cover, specifically the awesome colors. Then once I saw it was skiing related, I really couldn't resist picking it up. As someone who isn't especially atheletic, I sort of have a thing for sports books (and it turns out, Tudor Robins is a great author for that in particular) and Fall Line didn't disappoint.

This book follows Chris Meyers who is all about skiing, until distractions start to get in the way that is. Most of those distractions come in the form of Jenna, and romance, and all that good stuff. I really enjoyed watching Chris try to find that balance between drive/passion/ambition and building a life, enjoying being a teenager. He definitely doesn't always make the right choices, but I still always wanted to see him succeed.

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